Servings Prep Time
6servings 10minutes
Cook Time
Servings Prep Time
6servings 10minutes
Cook Time
  1. Wash and scrub all the vegetables
  2. Dice the green bell pepper and the eggplant; quarter the mushrooms; slice the zucchini lengthwise in quarters, then cut the quarters in short segments; place them all in a single bowl, sprinkle with a pinch of salt, mix them with hand, then set aside
  3. Peel, seed and dice the tomatoes in small pieces and set aside in another bowl (or drain and dice if you bought them canned)
  4. Chop the parsley and the basil and set aside in another bowl
  5. Chop the onion and the garlic cloves and set aside in another bowl
  6. Heat the olive oil in a large enough pot
  7. When olive oil is hot add in the chopped onion and garlic and stir lightly until the onion turn translucent, about 5 minutes (use a wooden spoon / spatula for this)
  8. At this time add the tomato puree; stir and press the puree in the pot to spread evenly and cover the garlic and onion
  9. After a minute or two the garlic-onion-tomato mixture will start to brown and will slightly change its smell – now add the chicken stock and stir until it begins to simmer
  10. Use your wooden spoon / spatula scrub the pot bottom to release any browned onion or garlic
  11. Add the diced green bell pepper, eggplant, mushrooms and zucchini and *lightly* stir to combine
  12. Cook on low heat, stirring now and then to distribute the heat evenly
  13. The vegetables will release their liquids in the pot and all Ratatouille ingredients will slowly simmer in this liquid. Adjust the heat so it doesn’t really boil, just simmer lightly. Stir from time to time so all ingredients get in contact with the simmering liquid
  14. After 10-11 minutes of cooking start checking the ingredients firmness: cook until all vegetables are tender but *not mushy*, except the eggplant which will be mostly falling apart at this time
  15. Now it’s time to add the diced tomatoes and stir in lightly
  16. Cook for 2 – 3 minutes, until the tomatoes are well heated, then add the chopped parsley and basil and season with salt and pepper to taste
  17. Serve hot in a warm, thick plate, over steamed rice or on its own; or serve it at room temperature, with freshly toasted bread slices (in the summer)!