Mojito is an traditional Cuban cocktail recently voted the number one cocktail in UK; It is pretty sweet, chill and light, and makes a great summer drink. It’s also pretty simple to make and uses few wide available ingredients.

Mojito has a lot of variations, including some non-alcoholic ones very appreciated by kids and often called Nojito or Virgin Mojito.

Enjoy the traditional recipe below, or check its variations in Tips & Tricks section below the recipe:

Mojito Recipe

... in pure Cuban style, with fresh lime and mint, brown sugar and white rum!

Mojito Recipe

... in pure Cuban style, with fresh lime and mint, brown sugar and white rum!
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Mojito Recipe Tags & Times

Course Drinks
Cuisine Cuban
Prep Time 3 minutes

Mojito Recipe Ingredients

For glass insystem:

Mojito Recipe Instructions

  1. Roll the lime on the counter, cut it crosswise and juice half of it in a nice, tall tumbler
  2. Add the brown sugar and stir lightly until the sugar is dissolved in the lime juice
  3. Add the mint leaves and crush them gently on the bottom of the tumbler using the flat end of a muddler; try not to destroy them, just let the scented oils floe into the juice
  4. Crush the ice to taste (if it's not already crushed) and add it into the tumbler
  5. Add the rum and fill with soda water up to ~1/2cm or 1/4 inch under the tumbler edge, then gently stir for 10-15 seconds
  6. Garnish the Mojito with a mint sprig and a wedge of lime and serve immediately with a straw

Mojito Recipe Tips & Tricks

For the classic Mojito it is very important to use fresh lime juice, as any change from that will definitely change the drink flavor. It is also important to use fresh (your grown?) mint leaves and to *not* over-muddle the mint leaves.

As for variations, it's really easy to experiment with different fruits (try orange, pineapple, mango, strawberry or even blueberry!), and different sweetener types (maple syrup anyone?); also the alcoholic component can be changed, from rum to tequila, and get a Mexican Mojito, or use gin to get an English Mojito, or use Metaxa to get an Greek Mojito.

Or just make it non-alcoholic for kids and designated drivers :-)

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