Margarita is the most popular mexican cocktail for a number of reasons: is easy to make, deliciously refreshing and impressive to the guests.

While there are many recipes and variations, the recipe below is a sure shot to a classic & refined Margarita experience, covering all the details needed to get it right every time.

Also check the Margarita cocktail variations at the end of recipe, some of them are quite remarkable!

Margarita Recipe

... with reposado tequila, freshly squeezed lime juice and agave syrup for an authentic experience!

Margarita Recipe

... with reposado tequila, freshly squeezed lime juice and agave syrup for an authentic experience!
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Margarita Recipe Tags & Times

Course Drinks
Cuisine Mexican
Prep Time 4 minutes

Margarita Recipe Ingredients

For cocktail insystem:

Margarita Recipe Instructions

  1. Take a thick, heavy glass out of the chiller/fridge, or just chill it with crushed ice & soda water for 2 or more minutes (a martini glass also works well)
  2. Roll the lime on the counter, cut it in two and squeeze the juice out of it if necessary
  3. Pour all ingredients in a shaker, close it tightly and shake it hard for a short time
  4. If you chilled the glass with crushed ice empty it now; if your guest prefer a salted rim glass then pour some coarse sea or kosher salt in a dish larger than the glass diameter, and just touch the salt with the glass rim while holding the glass upside down (this assumes the glass is wet from chilling, else wet the glass rim with a lime wedge like this.
  5. Double strain the Margarita from shaker into the glass
  6. Garnish the Margarita with a twisted lime zest or even a lime wedge and serve right away!

Margarita Recipe Tips & Tricks


First, about Tequila: many Margarita cocktail recipes call for straight, silver Tequila, but this makes a bitter, strong Margarita, while the reposado type (which is actually rested in small barrels for just a couple of months) brings a subtle flavor and makes a great, special Margarita. Of course there are golden, anejo Tequila types but these resemble an old whisky in taste and thus they won't be able to create the right Margarita cocktail taste and experience;
Though if you need to choose just between silver and gold, go with the silver Tequila.

Then about the salted rim: this is personal preference and is best to ask the guest first; if this cannot be done, then a good idea is to salt only half of the glass rim ;-)

As for variations, there are, literally, thousands! from changing the Tequila to changing the Triple Sec, the sweet syrup or adding different fruits and fruit juices, the internet have them all! Some interesting variations are the ginger beer Margarita, the cranberry Margarita or the strange but delicious Mojitarita,  a combination between a Margarita and a Mojito!

Of course, a non-alcoholic Margarita is possible and is delicious too, to the joy of kids and drivers!

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