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About SweetCooking.net

Hey, I'm Alex and yes, I like cooking, photography, traveling, bike riding and... many other things; but more than these I like to stay organized and be on top of my things, cooking being not an exception.

So, here comes the SweetCooking.net - it is my tool for planning the meals, organizing at the grocery and tracking my body measures, all quickly accessible anytime and syncronized on all my devices.

On SweetCooking.net I also collect and adapt all recipes I like, then I add my experiences to them, along with the most interesting variations and techniques I can find.
Feel free to try them anytime, be bold and experiment with them, then add your experiences in the comments!

Enjoy the recipes and all the features, they are free and will always be free; check the details about the features below:

SweetCooking.net features

1. On-the-fly servings changer:

The most used feature on SweetCooking.net is the servings changer, which allows for ingredients quantities change on the fly, and also allows quick change of the measuring system. It is present on all recipes, right on top of the ingredients list:

Servings and System changer

(you'll see that changing the servings number in any recipe also change every ingredient quantities and next to servings number there is a Metric - Imperial switch)

2. Grocery List Generator:

Use the Grocery List Generator to quickly create any number of custom grocery lists.
Adding recipes to grocery list is simple, just click/tap on the icon under the recipe image and the recipe will be added to the temporary grocery list - then access the Grocery List page from the menu, login, then save the grocery list with a name of your choice. You can share that grocery list later on (like "Honey, could you get these on your way home?!" :-D )

3. Meal Planner:

When planning for one or more weeks ahead use the Meal Planner, which is as simple as the Grocery List: just click/tap on the icon, choose the date and the meal and you're all set! Finally, access the Meal Planner page, check and finish the meals, and access it from your other devices when needed. Please log in for the Meal Planner, this is personal and can only be managed by logging in.

4. Weight Tracker:

And because eating habits are influencing personal weight, it's easy to constantly track the body measures using the Weight Tracker. Available in the upper menu, the Weight Tracker is a great tool not only for the body weight but for all other body measures, showing the weight variations, the distance and progress to your target weight and a very nice graphic representation of all your body measures!

5. Favorite Recipes list

As simple as it gets, just click on the heart icon situated under the recipe image and have the recipe added to Favourite Recipes list, situated on the right toolbar on desktops, laptops and tablets and to the end of the screen on mobiles. This list will follow you everywhere on the SweetCooking.net as long as you are logged in - and will be available on any other device you log in, giving you a quick access to your most cooked recipes.


The SweetCooking.net couldn't be live without some great tools developed and maintained by their skillful developers in the first place!

The recipes collection, with the servings changer, the grocery list generator and the meal planner are all part of the most complex recipe and cooking plugin in the WordPress world: WP Ultimate Recipe Premium, created and maintained in Belgium by Brecht Vandersmissen and available at http://www.wpultimaterecipe.com/.

The mighty Weight Tracker is possible with the one and only weight tracker plugin in the WordPress world: Weight Loss Tracker Pro, created and maintained in Scotland by Al YeKen and available at https://yeken.uk/.

The website code, scripts and styles are squeezed tightly for speed with the Above The Fold Optimization plugin, a professional optimizing tool created in The Netherlands by PageSpeed.pro, then cached & distributed worldwide by Cloudflare through their 100+ data centers situated around the world. Does SweetCooking.net load fast in your location? Well, it's their credit, combined!

Last but not least, making SweetCooking.net adapt nicely on any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop) is possible thanks to the Hueman theme, created and maintained on the French Riviera by Press Customizr.

Thank You All guys, for your great work and great ideas you brought into the world!

Also many thanks to all WordPress community and developers for their contributions - I couldn't wrap up the SweetCooking.net without your work!

For more details please contact me.